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Likes: Anything like video games, watchin movies, hangin wit meh friends *if they arn't busy* and Music

Dislikes: Flowers, Girly thing such as Dresses, bows, skirts, and ugg makeup; shorts, gym, smiles, goodness *on ocation*, and worrying about a boyfriend.

All my best friends:

Peps I know in realz Lifez:

DA Family:
Father; Nonyabusniess
Mother; KBWorks
Wife; TheSkaMongoose
Husband; ChObiTs-LuVeR-4-LiFe
Big Bros; kongo217
Lil Bro; Dwarf-In-The-Flask
Big Sis';AnimeCrazy25
Lil Sis; ApparitionEaterEvans
Twins; sessh-fang-zero-bass
Pets; Joey-Shan <Panda
mc1964 <Pony
Grandpa; Amaepudding



          I'm some no name 16 year old but anyone can speak their mind right? So here is what is on my mind... The controversy of Darwin's theory of evolution and the old tale of the bible that everything was created by God are not as different as we may see it as. Who's to say one or the other, why don't we say both?

          I believe, and please don't take it to heart if you believe otherwise, that everything did start with God's will but possibly only apes or primal beings. Then Darwin's Theory could take over from there as the primal beings could evolve with the help of God's generosity. Soon having the possibility of apes slowly turning into men with the knowledge we know that humans have unlocked only 10% of our brain capacity.  I believe with time, knowledge, and the help of a higher unknown power we can eventually unlock more of brains capacity.

          Also referring to the scientific belief that the O-zone layer is dissolving, we as a people will have to learn how to adapt if we have any hope of surviving within the next century or even decade.

          So of course us as the human race currently will have to evolve just as we did when we were just primates. A few things mankind has to do before we can evolve and be made into a greater person. We would have to get rid of certain feelings or emotions, such as fear or pain in order to move on with what would currently be a thirst. A thirst for knowledge, not that I'm meaning to be anti-climactic or anything.

          I have no right to tell you whether you are right or wrong, you have a right your own opinion and here is mine.


Some no name,


  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Nightcore
  • Reading: Y. FanFiction
  • Watching: Soul Eater
  • Playing: DA/YouTube/FanFiction
  • Eating: High Chews/Ice Cream
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

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